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Topaz DeJpeg 4.0.2 DC 14.11.2014

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Topaz DeJpeg 4.0.2 DC 14.11.2014
Topaz DeJpeg 4.0.2 DC 14.11.2014 | 23.2 MB

Topaz DeJPEG gives you the ability to improve the quality of your JPEG images. DeJPEG eliminates JPEG compression artifacts, which occur as a result of saving an image in the JPEG format, allowing you image detail and color to be restored.
DeJPEGs underlying algorithm examines the entire image and removes all artifacts while preserving detail and enhancing an images natural qualities. It targets all aspects of JPEG quality including sharpness, noise, and color integrity. The sophisticated tools in Topaz DeJPEG ensure that any processed JPEG image appears clear, clean, and crisp. Topaz DeJPEG is simply the best way to make the most out of your compressed JPEG photos.
DeJEPG 4 Highlights
- Ability to restore color and detail to image features.
- Intelligent color and line enhancement.
- Preserves image integrity.
- Eliminates typical jpeg image distortions that degrade image quality.
What are JPEG artifacts ?
- JPEG photos often have many problems, displayed in the pink graphic to the right. Notice the mosquito noise around the edges, the image "checkerboarding" in the middle, and the color degradation. Every single JPEG image exhibits these characteristics to some degree.
- Topaz DeJPEG is designed to removing these artifacts without removing image detail. In fact, Topaz DeJPEG is the theoretically optimal way to eliminate these compression artifacts.
Topaz DeJpeg 4.0.2 DC 14.11.2014

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Language : English
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